ResponsiCon 2020 by Service Moxie

ResponsiCon 2020

Speeches and Panel Discussions from the 2020 ResponsiCon Event in Phoenix, Arizona. 

What's included?

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Morning Welcome - David Westover
19 mins
ResponsiBid Update Status - Curt Kempton
32 mins
Creating Your Prototype Client - Dan Platta & Paul Groessel
23 mins
Focus on the Customer Experience - Caleb Wininger
26 mins
Roleplay Sales Scenarios
(1h 00m 12s)
Maximizing the Value of Your Current Clients - Daniel Dixon
27 mins
How to Turn Your Service Business into a Lead Magnet - Taylor Meroni
29 mins
Panel Discussion
31 mins
How a $100K Company Can Make and Extra $100K in Profits in 1 year Without Spending Extra in Expenses - Meaghan Likes
28 mins
Being Found by Consumers in 2020 - Victor Hubbard
22 mins
7 "Pay For Performance" Program Examples That You Could Implement Now - Martha Woodward
26 mins
Morning Welcome - Curt Kempton
50 mins
Your Vision Doesn't Pay the Bills - Brandon Vaughn
55 mins
5 Keys to Replicating Success - AC Lockyer
33 mins
Email Segmentation For the Win - Royce Ard
24 mins
How to Scale Your Business with a Remote Customer Service Rockstar - Michelle & Doug Myers
28 mins
Using NiceJob with ResponsiBid to Build a Raving Fanbase - Shawn Hill
31 mins
Building a Sales System - Brandon Vaughn
55 mins
Closing Government Contract Jobs- The Right Way - Henry Bockman
38 mins
Selling to Communities (HOA's and Stratas)- Eric Kelly
25 mins
ResponsiCon Final Wrap-Up - Curt Kempton
19 mins