Scaling Your Business Without Paid Ads by Service Moxie

Scaling Your Business Without Paid Ads

Our Secret to Selling $30 Million In the Service Industry 

By Jared Skinner & Jacob Kidd

What's included?

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Course Preview
11 mins
Quick Start
Quick Start Video Training
(1h 21m 09s)
Door to Door Sale Script
198 KB
Door Approach - Pest Control
11 mins
The Art of Communication
Door to Door Sales Introduction
19 mins
How to Present Yourself Part 1
21 mins
How to Present Yourself Part 2
28 mins
Meta Verbal Communication
27 mins
Verbal Communication
32 mins
Read the Clients Signals
23 mins
The Sales Process
Initial Approach
14 mins
Proper Introduction
7 mins
Incite Responses
14 mins
Get Clients Involved Through Proper Questioning
10 mins
Create Urgency
18 mins
Product / Service
How to Present your Product / Service
21 mins
Soft Closing / Assuming the sale
14 mins
Sell the Experience Vs the Benefit
13 mins
Resolving Concerns
Know the Top Objections
32 mins
Resolve Concerns Before They Come Up
10 mins
Best Way to Handle Objections
17 mins
Closing the Sale
Closing and Solidifying the Sale
38 mins
Closing Strategies
52 mins
Mastering the Sale on the Phones
What You Say and How You Say It
15 mins
Find Pain Points
8 mins
Using Assumptive Language / Soft Closing
14 mins
Giving Options
8 mins
Closing Strategies on The Phones
18 mins
Phone Sale Scripts
185 KB
BONUS - Phone Psychology 4 Things You Are Doing Wrong with Michelle Jeppesen
(1h 02m 12s)